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Woven sling pockets - now with instructions! (Read 33619 times)

Slinging Rocks!

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Re: Woven sling pockets - now with instructions!
Reply #45 - Jul 7th, 2019 at 7:35am

I've been experimenting with various sling designs, most of which have been based on tutorials here Smiley  This one is my favourite so far.

I really like the modular nature of this, as I only started slinging a month or so ago I'm still figuring out the ideal lengths for myself, so being able to reuse the pouch for various length cords and with different release and retention knot configurations makes a lot of sense. Plus if the release cord ever wears out it will be a doddle to replace.

Also I feel like it's possibly the ideal size and shape for accuracy with large or small stones. I started out with more deep shaped pouches, but I feel like these tend to hang on the stone a little more as it exits. The minimal wear pattern I've seen so far with this woven split pouch design seems to suggest that it's a particularly efficient one. No doubt I will be experimenting much more soon enough so I imagine my opinions will change again Tongue

Here is my latest pouch, the third of this design I've made so far. It is made with 1.3mm dyneema (UHMWPE fibre) with the release and retention cords being 1.8mm of the same material, which I was using for my previous two pouches. When I used the 1.8mm stuff I couldn't seem to manage the weft faced weave and ended up with just a basket weave, which is probably still fine for material of that size and density. For the 1.3mm cord pouch I managed to get the weft facing much better, not quite perfect but I should improve each time I make one. I'm considering getting another reel of the 1mm (I used my previous 31 metres for some previous slings, David Morningstar's Mexican woven pouch) as I'm aiming to get it as lightweight as possible as that seems to feel best to me, the 550 paracord slings I've made so far have felt really heavy and awkward.


I've mostly gone for the medium length of sling so far, thumb in retention loop with the start of the pouch coming to my shoulder (a way of measuring I got from Luis Pons Livermore in a short bit of documentary on youtube), but for this one I wanted to try something a bit longer, so it's going from my thumb in the loops with the middle of the pouch at the centre of my chest - 35 inches , which also happens to correspond to just under half my height. I've found this length to be one of my favourites so far, tons of power and still reasonably controllable. Firing stones over a small reservoir I'm doing over 150m pretty easily. I don't think I could make it that much longer though, I did try it from thumb to opposite shoulder once and that was quite unusable, but it's probably a case of finding the right technique.

The retention loops there is made with the fairly simple double figure 8 knot - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8n2w4SN5oF8 

The release knot is the "EStar stopper knot" - https://www.animatedknots.com/estar-stopper-knot But with an additional pass down and back up through near the thinnest side in order to even it out and make it a little thicker. I've found it necessary to have a knot that size when casting really large rocks, with a long sling once it gets up to near final speed the amount of pull it has is pretty intense, and dyneema can be a little slippery so a fat knot makes it much easier to hang onto.

Looking forward to trying out many more designs and materials! Smiley

Thanks very much to all those who've put together all these excellent guides and information.
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Re: Woven sling pockets - now with instructions!
Reply #46 - Jul 8th, 2019 at 12:07am
Nice , I love dyneema
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Re: Woven sling pockets - now with instructions!
Reply #47 - Jul 8th, 2019 at 7:08am
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Re: Woven sling pockets - now with instructions!
Reply #48 - Jul 9th, 2019 at 9:52am
That looks awesome!
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