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Wiki Suggestion (Read 616 times)

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Wiki Suggestion
Jul 4th, 2006 at 7:14pm
--Again long post--
Hello All,

Quick warn, lots of spelling mistakes.

I have had a suggestion put to me about how Project Goliath is build used and run.

So I am putting it to the board for comment.
Project Goliath should be based on scientific publishing methods. Now this means two things:

1. All information needs to be researched.
2. And everything that is researched should have a referance/explaination on how we came to this conclusion.

Above all this would lend credibility to the site but it also means allot of work for those people writing up passages for Project Goliath.

I for one agree with the suggestion, if this is ambitious as the project suggest then we should do so. Stating either direct experiance or referance text.

Which means we need to farmilarise people with scientific method for any works they currently are working on.

This also means we need to pick up copy right permissions from every bit of info we can lay our hands on. We then need a point of contact for these people and some one to track these issues.

I have read at least one topic thread that comments on clay glands that has a research professor on it. If we could get his documentation and permission to reprint we could put that on the wiki.

Then anything and everything that we use that has information that has been referanced from another source need to have that information put at the bottom of the text.  Along with a page carrying full details of each referance source.

The wiki can be setup for referance and index, I'll start doing that now. This means starting to order the whole wiki I'll post for comment when I have started so that you can tell me if I have stuffed it up or not.

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