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Long-range slinging sport based on Korean Archery (Read 10472 times)

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Re: Long-range slinging sport based on Korean Arch
Reply #30 - Oct 8th, 2005 at 10:06pm
Dear Aardvaark,

Try the following link for a great video to give you a good idea of how the traditional (more expensive, all-natural materials) ones are made:  http://hornbow.com/video.html

Yes, I know what you mean abou the Taiji schools, names, etc.

I was refering to the Yang Lu Ch'an version (over 300 movements, etc.), and terminology, as presented by Erle Montaigue and the World Taiji Boxing Association,( formerly?)  out of Murwillumba, Oz.  (Their HQ may have moved to England by now.)
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Re: Long-range slinging sport based on Korean Arch
Reply #31 - Oct 9th, 2005 at 12:34pm
this is a better link from the same site :-)

Ah right - don't think richard is overly impressed with the tai-chi union of great britain.
So I try not to mention things that upset him :-)

At the end of the day it all gives the same sort of benefit.
But mostly these days we concentrate on the wu-chi which is a much older system and the one that most tai-chi derives from.

lmao it just occured to me - horn=keratin=toenails.
These bows are made from toenails :-)
That's dangerous feet :-)
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