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Message started by Mersa on Feb 12th, 2020 at 8:14pm

Title: Diets??
Post by Mersa on Feb 12th, 2020 at 8:14pm
Iím not one to usually watch what I eat but occasionally I gorge myself and stack on a bit of weight, Iím by no means fat or really in need of any diets concerning health issues.
I have a reasonably active life both in recreation and work, so itís very very rare that I would exercise just to exercise. To me going to the gym is like paying someone else while I do work. Iíd rather work and get paid.

Any how , Iíve tried 3 specific diets and usually only do them for about a month and seem to be able to lose the weight Iím trying to. Iím currently in the process (about halfway) of one of the 3.

The first diet I tried was vegan, for me I found is quite pleasurable taste wise and had a large selection of foods to choose from, I ate generally large meals but still found myself hungry a lot of the time, after around 5 weeks I was burning out, I found myself struggling for energy and having peaks and drops in mental and physical tiredness. Weight wise I didnít Sheaís the kgs but they slowly came off.

Second diet I tried was a fasting diet. This allowed me to eat and drink whatever I want on my normal days and on fasting days just water and one fall portion for dinner. The kgs came off fast and I lost the weight much quicker than I expected. My main problem with this diet was on the fasting days I got really really hungry, would get stomach cramps at work and sometimes after a fasting day the first meal would send me to sleep.

The third diet is the one Iím currently on. The Carnivore diet, nothing but Meat, poultry, seafood, salt, pepper, black coffee and water. This diet I was very sceptical of but decided to try it anyway. First week my digestion was changing and I had serious cravings for sugar (what a drug). But now Iíve adjusted I find it to be extremely good, sleeping well , never really hungry, energy through the roof, lost weight but gained muscle, leanest Iíve been in a while, digestive system back to normal, and a lot of my old injuries arenít aching. Other than toe small selection in food choices and flavours I think this diet is really working well for me. Iíll probably give it up st the end of the month but Iím glad I tried it.

Iím going to do some more diet months throughout the year, maybe another 3, think Iíll try paleo, maybe a vegetarian with fish.

What diets have you tried and whatís been your response???

Title: Re: Diets??
Post by Tomas on Feb 13th, 2020 at 5:52am
Mersa I must commend you on the discipline to follow these different diets.
The best diet is one you can sustain in the long term.
I don't know if you've thought of this but changing your diet so drastically so many times in a row may be very hard on your body. Are you weaning yourself from one to another or just one day you're all one and then another?
I think one of the things to think about is that these diets that focus exclusively on meat or veg would probably work best if trained from childhood. Since we as modern humans have become used to eating anything and everything(mostly for pleasure), it's a hard thing to give up meat or veg or even sugar entirely.
You can't miss what you never had right?
I tried going vegan and lasted 8 days some time back. Meat makes me happy and truly full and I decided to be happy lol that being said, I could never give up vegetables and fruit.
So I just try and eat good things nowadays. I also eat crappy things but I definitely make sure to get lots of good too 

Title: Re: Diets??
Post by Curious Aardvark on Feb 13th, 2020 at 6:39am
started keto yesterday.

Been on low carb for a while. And yes it is for health purposes.
Apparently if I can lose 10kg I won't be diabetic anymore.
I'm not convinced, but as stopping eating: chocolate, cakes, pastries, biscuits and sweets/candy - has had absolutely n effect whatsoever on my weight, drastic measures are called for.

Weight wise, I'm not grossly overweight. It's actually been going down slowly over the last 10 years. I'm a stone lighter now than I was 10 years ago.

But despite cutting out at least 5,000 empty calories a week - my weight has not dropped one iota.
Something that is incredibly frustrating.

Accordign to the doctor this is because, before I knew I was diabetic, I was piddling out maple syrup rather than urine, and that's why I never put any weight on.

A friend of ours is one of the top dieticians in the country and specialises in treating epilepsy and cancer with low carb keto diets.
So after along chat† yesterday, that's what I'm doing.

The goal is to keep my total daily carb intake below 20gms.

Given that the amount of milk most people have in a coffee has 2-4gm in and an average tomato has 8gms and most fruit has around 15gms or more.
Easy it is not !

On the other hand If I can shift the necessary weight and get back to the weight I was at college - over 30 years ago, I'm totally confident I can keep it off.
I have silk shirts I bought in china 25 years ago that are still a perfect fit.
whether or not weight loss it will effect the diabetes, remains to be seen.
You might surmise that I have zero confidence in my doctors.

A proper keto diet actually changes the way your body derives energy. By preference you burn carbohydrate, but if starved of carbs you switch into keto mode where your body starts to break down fat into keto particles that it uses for fuel.

Now here's the kicker. You not only have to avoid all carbs but you have to be really bloody careful about how much protein you eat, as your body's second choice is to convert protein into carbohydrates !

So my plan of living on meat, cheese, eggs and vitamin pills - went right out the bloody window.
The paleo diet, it is not !

So we will see how I fare.

Title: Re: Diets??
Post by Mersa on Feb 13th, 2020 at 7:47am
Highly recommend you try the carnivore/Keto CA
You will adjust in a week or so , Iím in keto as confirmed by urine tests. Lost 4kg in 2 weeks and feel really good , lots of fatty meats will keep you going.
Iím no dietitian or nutritionist but my experience has been good, 20g of carbs is a nice on top of a carnivore diet.

Tomas I just do these diets as personal challenges and often do sober months and other things as well as part of these challenges. Most of my diets are only short term as I said Iím only really doing them to try them

Title: Re: Diets??
Post by Sarosh on Feb 13th, 2020 at 9:47am
Interesting topic.
for the past 2-4 years I have stopped eating sugar the only sugars I've kept eating are honey and fruits there where some exceptions along the way usually on celebrations but nothing too big.
The same with alcohol, there might be exceptions in some celebrations but even then I drink very little.
I was never into coffee or other beverages . Water is the best.

In the past I tried not eating any salt for a year or so, then at a check up I discovered I had a small kidney stone ( I think from too much protein breakdown ,no one knows). After that I started eating more salt and drinking more water, now I probably eat more salt than anyone I know. Soon I'm gonna do a check up to see how it's going.

Too much carbohydrates make me sleepy.
I always had low cholesterol so I never cut on eggs meat fat and cheese.
Too much vegetables create diarrhea
Too much meat creates constipation
There is a balance you have to achieve between the two .
fruits help with digestion if eaten 2-3h after a meal and after 1h I'm hungry again.
Fat, I love it! don't forget it contains vitamins so in some ways it's better energy source than pasta or other carbohydrates.
Legumes are a good protein source balanced with meat I think they complement each other nicely.
Balancing quantities for spices is a tricky one , for example I haven't found a bad side effect from putting too much pepper or curry . I'm sure there will be a side effect.

onion and garlic is awesome but I have observed that too much or too strong and my performance suffers in the gym the next day , I fell weak like having low sugar or low pressure.

I feel like some foods are like medicine you shouldn't use them everyday on every occasion.

there is this guy
who talks about diets/food and others, he made me unsure of science , so I ended up experimenting with myself. I should check his sources though.

Title: Re: Diets??
Post by Rat Man on Feb 13th, 2020 at 11:55am
   Throughout my life I've been able to diet effectively.  My successes have been dramatic.  Many of our long term members will remember that a few years back I lost almost one hundred pounds in eight months just by dieting with no exercise.  I thought I had it figured out.
    In 2017 I attempted the exact same diet.  This time I stuck to it even more religiously and exercised with it.  I dieted almost the full year and lost just eighteen pounds.  That was a lot of sacrifice for  very little gain. 
    The big difference is my age.  Old bodies just don't burn as many calories.  I need to find something that will work for me at this age.  I should lose at least twenty pounds. 
     My age adds another factor to the equation.  Time is growing short.  Do I really want to spend what ever time I have left depriving myself of enjoying food?  I know I should but this thought makes dieting more difficult. 

Title: Re: Diets??
Post by perpetualstudent on Feb 13th, 2020 at 12:27pm
I did keto back when it was called atkins. Did it to lose weight when I was teen. After losing the weight I still ate a protein heavy diet but didn't do a real "diet".

Tomas is on the money imo. Nothing wrong with a diet to lose weight but really you have to have a way of eating that you can keep up for the rest of your life. Same with exercise.

Here in the US we finally dropped our incredibly stupid "Food Pyramid" and we've replaced it with "My plate" which recommends about half your plate of veggies/fruits, a quarter of protein, a quarter of grains, with a couple servings of dairy on the side. That's actually reasonable.  Worth taking a look at for those looking for a sustainable diet.

Obviously this doesn't apply to specialized medical diets. If your doctor says "you can't eat this anymore" that trumps the golden rule of "moderation in everything".

Title: Re: Diets??
Post by Mersa on Feb 13th, 2020 at 6:34pm
I think that there is also a lot of variability between people, some diets work for some and not for others, if weigh loss is concerned I personally havenít found anything better than getting your body into ketosis. Either from fasting or a no carb approach.
For me the big problems are flavours, I love tasty food, I will eat for taste and not for hunger when Iím not restricted, also Iím pretty bad if I let myself with beers and ciders. I donít really miss it once I stop but if Iím unrestricted I just gorge.

Title: Re: Diets??
Post by Curious Aardvark on Feb 18th, 2020 at 4:03pm
caveman diet is out - your body converts protein into carbs.
So a medical keto diet as prescribed by one of the uks top dieticians - is not protein heavy :-(

The last week pretty much 90% of my carbs have come from vegetables !

How bloody weird is that !

Mind you I have developed a really good no wheat bread recipe.

You still use almond flour (simple to make) but you replace a chunk of it with gluten :-)

Gluten is actually lower in carbs than almonds. It is 80% protein , so you don't go mad with it.

But the rolls I made were great.
They also stayed oven fresh and springy for the last 3 days - something no wheat based bread has ever done. I presume it's the high fat content that retards it going stale.

A year ago my blood sugar levels were in the 20's.
This morning 9.7 - so I guess the last year's sacrifices weren't for nothing.

No sign of keto in my piddle but I guess that side of things is going to take a lot longer with the diabetes and my insulin resistance.

Who knew brussels sprouts even had carbohydrate ?

On the plus side - I can pretty much eat as many mushrooms as I like.
So the first thing I did mas make some mushroom powder.
600gms of mushrooms went down to 81gms powder.
Mushroom powder is great stuff, works like an umami heavy seasoning but also as a sauce thickener and 600gms much rooms is about 3 gms of carbs.

Garlic - 10% carb !
Fortunately dried garlic has half the carbs content - no it didn't make sense to me either.
But glad it does. I go through an awful lot of garlic !

Brazil nuts have 1/3 the carbs of almonds. less protein and a lot more fat.

So I roasted 600gms and made them into brazil nut butter.
Kinda runny - but that just means it lasts longer :-)

Currently trying to work out a 'pasta' recipe.

Gluten is the key. But also picking the right kind of flour to go with it.

watch this space. :-)

Title: Re: Diets??
Post by wanderer on Feb 18th, 2020 at 5:06pm
Good luck with the diet, C.A.

I'm glad that you have guidance from someone with a little more sympathy for inducing ketosis than some.

There has been some pretty aggressive trashing of this from some 'reputable' sources about this, usually along the lines that it's OK as a desperate medical intervention for untreatable cases of things like childhood epilepsy (where I think it was originally described), but not as a reasonable approach to diet in general. I thoroughly disagree with that opinion!

All power to you! But watch the Se from the brazil nuts - don't ask me how I know  ;).

Title: Re: Diets??
Post by Kick on Feb 19th, 2020 at 2:45am
Nice going C_A! Getting your blood sugar down like that is no easy thing.

Title: Re: Diets??
Post by Mersa on Feb 19th, 2020 at 4:59am
Good stuff CA , Iím a little over 2/3 of the way through my carnivore diet , still doing well but very much ready for a Ice cold beer

Title: Re: Diets??
Post by JudoP on Feb 19th, 2020 at 2:45pm
It's a tricky one, I've had fairly large weight losses before (twice now I've lost around 40lbs over moderate time periods) however, due to lots of lifestyle/situation changes it's difficult to keep a good routine and maintain the lower weight.

My most successful was simply calorie counting combined with high protein diet, weightlifting and a bit of judo (basically any highish intensity cardio will do).

Recently I've done 16-8 intermittent fasting which is actually extremely easy when you adapt to it (no brekky and nothing after 8 and you are golden). This lost me a good amount fast but plateaued so I stopped and didn't put any of the weight back on funnily enough.

I think the key for me is supplementing with adequate exercise/gym work. It really keeps the metabolism up there and makes weight loss ventures run smoothly. I'm kinda struggling to do that at the moment though purely from a time basis† :(

Title: Re: Diets??
Post by Curious Aardvark on Feb 26th, 2020 at 10:14am
well I can categorically state that this keto diet is the WORST THING EVER !

Bugger all to eat, some of the wheat replacement options are serious laxatives, and yes I found out the bad way.

After 2 weeks the piddle strips say I still have 0% ketones in my pee.
As fara s I cna tell I haven't lost any weight and I'm miserable as sin.

Also last couple of days, had mild stomach ache.

Pretty sure that No fruit, bugger all vegetables and damn little of anything else, is doing nothing good for me at all :-(
Turns out you can't live in cheese and the odd bit of meat and a lot of cream.

I figure I'll stick it out for another week.
And then go eat a couple of danish pastries and a bar of chocolate and go back to my low carb approach.

ALso keep getting mild hypos - turns out because my metabolism was running on really high blood glucose for the best part of 10 years - I actually start to go hypo at a blood sugar reading of about 8.5.

Now given that the recommended range for normal humans is between 3-7 and I started out last year at over 20 - that's actually pretty good.

I'm happy with how that's going down.

But not convinced that it's got anything to do with the last couple of weeks.† †

Title: Re: Diets??
Post by Way of the Sling on Feb 27th, 2020 at 12:34am
Lifelong vegan here, always been very quiet about it, contrary to the steriotype; not traits I particularly want to be associated with...
In my experience I haven't had any health problems at all, rarely catch the flu, sleep well, no problems with energy if I keep active. Did quite well in track and field (particularly javelin as I like throwing things). I try to make sure to eat 'healthily' and not consume any junk-food. Cant think of much else to say really, no other diet is in my experience but I'm quite content with it.
It seems to work for me.

Title: Re: Diets??
Post by Rat Man on Feb 28th, 2020 at 8:55pm
   Maybe that's the way I need to go, Way of the Sling.  I need to do something.  Being fat when you're old is dangerous. I did go vegan for a year or so when my daughter lived here with me about five years ago.  It wasn't so hard. 

Title: Re: Diets??
Post by Mersa on Feb 28th, 2020 at 9:15pm
I just finished my 4 weeks of the carnivore diet!!
Overall I love the diet and the way Iíve felt.
Definitely been positive on my health and wasnít overly hard to do.

Big positives:
Energy levels, unbelievable for calorie intake.
Great sleeping patterns
Never tired even after big days
Reduced acne(almost non)
No sickness (despite my partner being sick for 2 weeks who was not on the diet)
Gained muscle mass
Lost overall weight (6.5kg total)
Most defined 6 pack Iíve ever had
Never once got hungry (despite sugar cravings in first week)

Small negatives:
Digestive system took about 10 days to adjust.
Flavours of foods limited
Eating out is almost impossible
Eating mostly hot cooked food every day
No alcohol (this couldíve been positive too)
My fuse for my temper was much shorter (seems like I was ready to fight more than flight)

Like I said overall I loved it, if it wasnít for the limited tastes I think I would stay on the diet indefinitely. I may even revisit it later this year or attempt Keto/Atkins as a comparison.

Now one binge eating day and then back onto a diet for march

Next up pescatarian (vegetarian + fish)

Title: Re: Diets??
Post by Mersa on Mar 9th, 2020 at 6:42am
a little over a week on the new diet
vegetarian plus fish.
and i must say
i feel like S*%T
there was definitely something to the carnivore diet
whether it was that i cut out all the crap or meat made me feel good something was beneficial.
i plan on revisiting it in october with a slight twist.
now to get through the next 3 weeks of this without getting too fat or sick. >:( 

Title: Re: Diets??
Post by Curious Aardvark on Mar 9th, 2020 at 7:36am
well according to the indicator sticks I am now producing ketones.
Haven't lost any weight, which is annoying.
My sister reckons she's lost a stone on similiar diet in less time.

I'm starting to think my system self regulates to a ridiculous degree.

so fish and vegetarian - calorie controlled ?

And welcom to the feeling sh** club. That's pretty much me - all the time.

I'm still waiting for this mysterious thing called 'energy' to kick in.
Not holding my breath !

Title: Re: Diets??
Post by Mersa on Mar 9th, 2020 at 7:41am
No, i have only ever restricted my calorie intake on a fasting diet.
i swear that carbs make me crash hard
and my aches and pains from previous injuries are also flaring up.
i honestly didnt realise how good i was feeling on the carnivore diet.
really going to look into it properly and maybe do some blood tests, i was a clean bill of health and was always ready to go.
i havent been able to get out of bed for my pre dawn rabbit hunts i like to do since changing diets, im always hungry and always tired

Title: Re: Diets??
Post by Morphy on Mar 12th, 2020 at 9:49am
Paleo diet edging towards Keto is my favorite. I have never felt so clear headed and just generally good as on that diet. The key to these diets is to get a balanced diet of the things you can eat. Keto is most healthy with lots of healthy veggies. Most people think keto is mostly fat then some meat. But there needs to be balance to it.

After getting into ketosis, sort of similar to what you are saying Mersa, you get into this weird state where you lose all addiction to food. Itís just a strange feeling if you are used to the standard Western diet. Your blood pressure goes to normal, your cardiovascular system begins to heal and because you are rarely hungry and not snacking all the time there is a degree of intermittent fasting that naturally occurs which is great for everyone but especially those suffering from metabolic syndrome, which is a lot of people these days.

Title: Re: Diets??
Post by Mersa on Mar 12th, 2020 at 10:23am
Iím attempting paleo in July, Iíll try edge it towards a keto style but wonít be as heavily restricted.
Very interested to see what comes out on top after this year is over. Carnivore is currently smashing ahead in first place, if I feel as good as I did on that on paleo I might just stay that way for life.

Title: Re: Diets??
Post by Morphy on Mar 12th, 2020 at 11:31am

Mersa wrote on Mar 12th, 2020 at 10:23am:
Iím attempting paleo in July, Iíll try edge it towards a keto style but wonít be as heavily restricted.
Very interested to see what comes out on top after this year is over. Carnivore is currently smashing ahead in first place, if I feel as good as I did on that on paleo I might just stay that way for life.

I think you might like it. Itís less restrictive than carnivore. Basically all the meat, veggies, fish, nuts, etc you can eat. A little fruit and no grains and I would say at least for me no grain substitutes like starchy roots as they will spike your blood sugar the same and have similar effects when eaten in larger quantities. Sometimes people try to cheat and substitute the starchy technically paleo-legal foods for the grains but itís counterproductive in the long term, at least in my experience.

Title: Re: Diets??
Post by Curious Aardvark on Mar 16th, 2020 at 9:15am
Just had an annual diabetes checkup - blood test review from last week.

Been on the keto diet for about 5 weeks.
haven't noticeably lost much weight and as far as the energy thing goes - I'm convinced it's a myth :-)
I could still sleep 20 hours a day.

BUT - my blood glucose is down to 7.5 (almost normal) and even my cholesterol has dropped to 5.7 - the lowest from any blood test I've ever had.
Given how much cheese I'm eating - that one is a bit weird, but who cares :-)

Kinda weird given my current diet.

Now as far as bread substitutes goes.
I've cracked that :-)

From a nutritional point of view I'm basically making elven bread.
Low calorie this stuff isn't.
Almond flour, eggs, gluten, milled flax.
I make it in small loaves that can be sliced really thin.
You don't realise how much you miss toast !

What you do is make it with equal amounts of almond flour and gluten. Given that gluten has less carbs than almonds. You gain there - but you do put the protein up a fair bit.

But you can use yeast ! so you get proper texture, rise, structure and crumb.

I even made some cinnamon 'buns'/whirls on saturday :-)
For the filling I used cream cheese with a tiny amount of calorie free sugar substitute, vanilla extract, melted butter and mixed spice (it's heavy on the cinnamon).
And when you haven't had a bun or cake for close to a year - you really don't care that they aren't very sweet :-) 
Warmed up they are great !

So from one point of view, the diet isn't really delivering - but from the point of view of the overall objective - going well !

And once you know things are going in the right direction - it's much easier to maintain the whole process :-) 

Title: Re: Diets??
Post by Mersa on Mar 16th, 2020 at 9:22am
Iíd be really interested to see what happened if you tryed carnivore for a month CA, itís not complete science but itís worked for me and I donít see much harm in trying it for a month. I feel horrible on my pescatarian diet and am most likely going to end it back on a carnivore diet, especially if society crumbles and I gotta fend for myself.

Title: Re: Diets??
Post by Curious Aardvark on Mar 18th, 2020 at 4:07pm
to be honest the way I'm doing keto it's more like a carnivore diet.

I just can't make myself eat salad and drink olive oil.

well I've been weighing myself at the club after tai chi on a thursday night.

Turns out I have lost weight.
I reckon I'm 5kg (11lb) down in the last couple months.

Which considering I lost nothing in the first 10 months of low carb eating - is a serious result !

I figure another 6 or 7kg - get down to about 13 stone, approximately what i was at college - over 30 years ago - and that'll remove any 'spare' flesh.   
I've also reduced my metformin from 1000mg to 500 a day,
did that a week before I had the blood test - well metformin and a high fat diet is a bad combination. 'nuff said :whistle:

So while it's all working, and bear in mind the whole idea is to kick the diabetes and get back to a - mostly - normal diet and no damn medication.
I can stick with it.
Much easier to do something like this when you are actually getting positive results :-)

Title: Re: Diets??
Post by Mersa on Mar 31st, 2020 at 10:52pm
Officially finished my pescatarian diet, thoughts are itís a a pretty unrestricted diet.
Gained back my belly
Most likely the beers but,
Tastes are good but definitely not feeling energy like I was on the carnivore diet.
Now Iím taking a month off restrictions.
Everything goes
Letís call it the end of the world/corona/last chance diet.
Because you never know it could be my last time to eat all these luxurious foods.

Title: Re: Diets??
Post by Rat Man on Apr 6th, 2020 at 12:39pm
   Just a short time ago I regretted that for the first time in my life my last attempts at dieting had failed.  In light of the current situation I'm now thinking that with the world economy in a tailspin due to this friggin virus that carrying a few extra pounds for the long haul might not be a bad thing.  Some might say that's paranoid but I'm one who likes to be at least reasonably prepared for whatever and no one can say for sure what the future will hold. Forum » Powered by YaBB 2.5.2!
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