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Message started by Morphy on Sep 4th, 2019 at 9:50pm

Title: Tablet Question
Post by Morphy on Sep 4th, 2019 at 9:50pm
So...I'm in college. Been in college for awhile now and keep thinking "You know a tablet sure would be easier than lugging around all these books."

But I have yet to buy one for many reasons. The biggest being it's a big investment and I don't know which to get.

The two main contenders right now are the iPad Pro with Apple Pencil. It is the most powerful, the most polished and the apple pencil is awesome for people like myself who enjoy drawing.

The second is the Galaxy Tab S6. It's the newest tab and a real contender at dethroning the iPad. Maybe not as powerful and fast as the iPad but it has Dex which allows it to work like a Windows computer at the click of a button. Also way cheaper and comes with the S pen which is nothing to scoff at.  It's also way easier to access files which is my main reservation with the iPad pro.

Lately there's talk about iPad pros iOS 13 update that would fix many of the issues of no mouse, and difficult file access. Which should make this an easy choice. But it's in beta right now and I'm skeptical that Apple will commit and make it the mainstream update.

I realize this is a super specific question, but it's something I've been thinking about a lot and I don't know a ton about tablets. If anyone has any thoughts on this I would appreciate it. Thanks.

Title: Re: Tablet Question
Post by Sarosh on Sep 5th, 2019 at 3:45am
do you really need it?
It's like a big smartphone or a small laptop may be good to watch a movie at random places.
book reading is much faster from the book or the laptop than the smartphone for me , tablet would be in between (?).
I find a laptop very useful for the job can't see how a tablet is helping.
good luck!

Title: Re: Tablet Question
Post by Morphy on Sep 5th, 2019 at 5:36am
Valid question. Well, simple answer would be while anyone could technically do the courses without it, it would make life much easier. Cost/benefit is there just not sure which one to get.

Title: Re: Tablet Question
Post by Curious Aardvark on Sep 5th, 2019 at 7:23am
Okay first off - NEVER EVER BUY AN IPAD !.
They are cheaply made junk that lack even the basic ability to ad an sd card to expand the memory.
The screens will break if you so much as look at them the wrong way. The parts are all glued in, almost impossible to mend and they are made by a company called Foxconn.
Back when foxconn were making computer motherboards, I would not have used one if it had been given to me, free. 

Apple are the biggest con merchants around.

As far as powerful goes - who told you that ?

Even a low to mid range android tablet has better processors and ram than the best ipad.
Apple are con merchants. Avoid at all costs.

Samsung do make good kit, probably overpriced but - obviously - not in apples league of money grabbing thievery.

The galaxy is faster and more powerful than the ipad - that's a given.

So of those two - it's a total no brainer.
Get the android tablet - always.

I am a full time it professional, been using and fixing tablets since they were invented. So I do know what I'm talking about.
Why anyone in their right mind ever buys any apple product, ever - will always be a constant mystery to me :-)†

Title: Re: Tablet Question
Post by perpetualstudent on Sep 5th, 2019 at 8:04pm
I looked at it back when I was in grad school and I eventually fell in the "could be useful, isn't actually useful for 95% of users" camp.

I loved the idea of reading the PDF files and making notes more like they were printed. It does feel like you should be able to read it in a more natural position than on the computer. Realistically though the interfaces aren't there yet.

The only thing that might matter is if it is a convenient format to do the mathlab/statlab crap. My sister who is in college still has more stuff online for more courses than I ever did. And when I taught stats I had to use statlab with my students. E-textbooks and online homework using proprietary interfaces are becoming more common.

I'd see if any of your classmates use them. And ask them some questions about it. Don't rely on a simple "Oh I couldn't go without it" what exactly do you do on it? How often do you use it vs the computer or phone? Which is more distracting while studying? Worth asking your instructor too if s/he has observed people with tablets vs with laptop/phone and what their impression is.

Title: Re: Tablet Question
Post by Morphy on Sep 6th, 2019 at 1:38am
Good points everyone. Thanks for your help.

I think I'll get the tab s6. I think it will be more productive from the interface point of view.

@CA- Ive always felt apple was overpriced as well. I admit though from a artist point of view that apple pencil is really, really good. Got to stay focused though. That's not the main reason I'm getting it.

@PS- I was shocked at the difference between school today and school 5 years ago. Virtually everything is online and the book is an after thought. Every single person has either a small laptop or tablet. I have a big laptop but I'm reluctant to lug such a large screen around.

Title: Re: Tablet Question
Post by Curious Aardvark on Sep 6th, 2019 at 7:49am
when i was at college - the internet was not a thing.
We had a college network - but they wouldn't let us acces the wild servers with bulletin boards.

I can recommend a little folding bluetooth keyboard.
I take one to mallorca with me, makes typing emails etc so much easier.

I have this one:

But this looks pretty useful with the touchpad added:

Apple still use lcd screens. So if the tablet encounters freezing temperatures - the screen will break.
Everyone else uses led screens, freeze proof, brighter and use less power.

I had to take apart an apple allin one desktop recently. The screen was attached with sticky tape. Not screws, bolts or clips - bloody double sided tape !
It's just junk !

Title: Re: Tablet Question
Post by Morphy on Sep 6th, 2019 at 10:37am
Those are nice. Reviews look very good too and the price is quite good for both.

I will definitely be getting a keyboard with the tablet. There interface will never be as productive without one, especially one that can use a mouse or touchpad as well. The ability to just pick up and use it as a tablet or use it as a laptop I think is a good combination. Reading and note taking, just the tablet. Writing papers and doing homework, use the keyboard too. Best of both worlds really.

Title: Re: Tablet Question
Post by perpetualstudent on Sep 6th, 2019 at 12:38pm
definitely let us know how it's working for you afterwards. It might be that the 6 years since I stopped taking classes the interfaces made a big jump.

Title: Re: Tablet Question
Post by NooneOfConsequence on Sep 6th, 2019 at 6:29pm
Iíve owned iPads, Samsung Galaxy tabs, and Kindles, and despite the strong feelings from CA to the contrary, I would vote for the iPad. Appleís software integration is top notch, and you will be more productive overall by not having apps and features that donít play nice with each other. I also trust Appleís security more.

Title: Re: Tablet Question
Post by Morphy on Sep 6th, 2019 at 9:48pm
Ahhh.... I'm so confused.

Only one thing can help me now...


Title: Re: Tablet Question
Post by Sarosh on Sep 7th, 2019 at 5:08am
the more you think it the more expensive it gets . :P† it costs you time and willpower .

P.S.: I flip a coin and if i'm unhappy with the result I change it.

Title: Re: Tablet Question
Post by AlexZaamii on Sep 9th, 2019 at 12:50pm
I don't really know anything about specific tablets, but I would say it's a good idea to have a tablet or a laptop if you are still unsure on whether to get one or not. Some of the classes I took had readings that were only posted online, so it was nice having something to access the internet with so I could read a bit between or before classes while I ate lunch :)

Title: Re: Tablet Question
Post by Curious Aardvark on Sep 11th, 2019 at 7:43am
we have a friend who has apple phones.
several times a year she drops them and the screen breaks.
the cost for a new screen is more than my dad paid for his android phone.
And despite my dads phone being regularly thrown at: things, people. the floor.† And it regularly falling out of his pocket when beating into, mud, puddles undergrowth etc.
It's still good as new.

Apple build quality is genuinely embarrassing - or at least if they weren't such money grabbing con merchants, they should be embarrassed.

Software wise, pretty much all decent software is dual platform.

It's a non-issue. don't get apple.

The reason android kit is immesurably better than apple is quite simple.
Apple refuse to licence their os to anyone else.

Anyone can make an android tablet - hel you can even ru it on a raspberry pi.
So in the android market there is stiff competition, lots of manufacturers vie with each other to make the best and give the best value for money. android devices evolve constantly.
Apple have no such competition, so they just carry on with the same old crap.
Actually that's not fair.
The original ipad and up to model 3. Could easily be taken apart and dead components easily changed. with the model 4 they changed all that by using cheaper components and just glueing everything into the case, making it extremely difficult to fix or change.

So while android devices evolve upwards and increase in quality and speed competitively - apple kit is actually devolving and being made cheaper and more fragile all the time.

Title: Re: Tablet Question
Post by Morphy on Sep 11th, 2019 at 12:40pm
Yea, those are all valid points CA. I'm with you on a lot of that.

The devils advocate would say that while Android has the better competition that Apple makes sure their apps all work together more seamlessly than Android.

But that being said, I've always chosen Android for that very point. There's an old meme out there that Apple is constantly releasing the latest, newest updates that have been part of Android for years. I think there's some truth to that.

The other option which I neglected to mention is the Surface Pro. The geekbench numbers seem to suggest that the Ipad Pro is the fastest speed wise of any mobile device, rivaling some decent laptops out there. But speed isn't everything and durability and usability is just as, if not, more important to me.

I've looked into the Surface a lot but from what I've read although it's fully capable of using windows software (of course), that software is not optimized for the mobile form. The buttons and windows can be way to small too use easily. I've also read there are fan issues that start up and won't stop, and it heats up quite hot leading to hardware failure.

Originally it was going to be the Surface Pro for sure, but I've read so many reviews of people that got burned it really made me cautious about it.†

Title: Re: Tablet Question
Post by NooneOfConsequence on Sep 11th, 2019 at 9:44pm
Iím no Apple fanboy, but CAís arguments are purely anecdotal, and I can pull the same trick... Iím typing this message on an iPhone 5, and Apple just released the 11th generation iPhone this month. Iíve dropped mine plenty, but a $20 case has protected my phone for years! 

@Morphy: If youíre considering a MS Surface, you might also look at the Lenovo Yoga series.

Title: Re: Tablet Question
Post by Curious Aardvark on Sep 12th, 2019 at 6:30am
anecdotal = based on long professional experience as an it expert :-)
Worked on most aspects of apple kit over the years. Even done data recovery, even there, they screw the customer.
The harddrive file system apple use has 2 layers.
Files are divided into categories and each category is stored in it's own large file.  IT means you can get a few more files on smaller discs - again a money saving tactic.
So when the index on the harddrive goes down (the most common issue with harddrives) all you can recover are the large files - what you can't do is get at any of the individual files you actually need.
Every single aspect of apple's setup is designed to screw the customer.
I did once recover files from an apple drive for someone that all her local pc people said couldn't be done. In that case the Index was fine, no idea why anyone else had problems with it.
I do know what I'm doing.

And as I said the older apple stuff - while still massively overpriced - was slightly better made.

Maybe jobs had a bit of a guilty conscience, the people running the company now - certainly don't.

Title: Re: Tablet Question
Post by Morphy on Sep 13th, 2019 at 12:07am
I had been looking at the Lenova Yoga, specifically the Thinkpad X1 Yoga (3rd) gen just hours before you mentioned it NOOC. Nice looking machine and people rave about it. Price range is pretty good as well.

Only thing I've read bad about them is they can be delicate, some screen issues and poor customer service on returns. Still, every single machine has people with bad experiences who will tell you that particular tablet/laptop is complete garbage.

I think I've decided to nix the Samsung Tab S6. Not considering anymore for several reasons.

Title: Re: Tablet Question
Post by Curious Aardvark on Sep 22nd, 2019 at 1:06pm
lol the lenovo yogas are good machines.

Lenovo are actually the oldest pc manufacturer you'd never heard of till a few years ago.

All the original ibm notebooks/laptops - generally considered to be among the most durable on the market for a good 20 years, were all made by lenovo under licence.

Didn't believe it when I first heard it, but there was a really old ibm in my workshop at the time. turned it over: yep, made by lenovo for ibm.

There's a new apple advert for the iphone 11. Has it in  a wind tunnel with all manner of things and crap being blown against it - presumably to claim how tough it is.
But they only throw stuff at the BACK - we all know what would happen if they turned it round lol 

Title: Re: Tablet Question
Post by Morphy on Sep 22nd, 2019 at 3:32pm
When doing my research on this I veered into laptop territory and found that while they aren't one of the more well known names the Lenova Thinkpad series, especially the Thinkpad X1 carbon and yoga seem to have the best reviews on durability of any I've found. Pretty much across the board they are considered excellent machines that are as reliable as anything out there.

So now I will probably be upgrading my laptop at some point as well.  :P Forum » Powered by YaBB 2.5.2!
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