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Message started by Sarosh on Jan 31st, 2019 at 3:37pm

Title: Paracord questions
Post by Sarosh on Jan 31st, 2019 at 3:37pm
I'm in search of nylon twisted rope (for torsion engines experiments, twisted rope is considered better than braided for this purpose)
nylon is strong and elastic , probably the best sinew replacement

I couldn't find nylon twisted rope near me so I'm searching amazon and ebay.

searched for nylon twisted rope on ebay and I dont like the results : it's either unbranded nylon decorative rope with no max load rating or a good nylon rope for marine use from the US with huge shipping price, so I'll probably go with paracord...

Paracord 550 is said to be nylon core and nylon sheath.
I can find paracord in 0.56euro/meter in shops near me,
at ebay paracord 550 is sold @ 4.20euro/30m
4 times less.

on amazon there are similar prices but some paracords say polyester(!wtf am I buying? >:( )

1)is the paracord on ebay real nylon paracord?(e.g. this one ?

2)what is the normal price?
3)are there low qualities that should be avoided?

now on the construction stuff
4)how easy do you think it'll be to remove the core from 100ft(30m) paracord 550?

5)paracord is made from different kind of nylon? here( it says 18-25% elongation at break while here ( says Minimum elongation 30% please explain!

6)why do people use paracord for slings if it's so elastic? maybe it's strong enough to stretch a little but the stretch in % remains the same for a given load so longer slings will elongate significantly.(long paracord sling using pirouette and heavy stones would be the worst combo)

Title: Re: Paracord questions
Post by Mersa on Jan 31st, 2019 at 5:30pm
So there is a lot going on here and it 6 am so my brains only just turning on but I'll try my best to answer .

1)no reason not to believe it's rope , but I would think the term paracord has been adopted to a lot of small diameter line, para(parachute)cord I wouldn't be jumping from a plane with eBay special.
2)how long is a piece of string, price will vary because of brands , quality , colour, manufacturing country etc
3)depends on its use I would say if it's life support (climbing , parachute , etc) use a reputable brand , if your just making bracelets use whatever, slings, torsion experiments probally lay somewhere in the middle.
4)depends on how tight the outer (mantle) weave is . Some are super easy some are near impossible.
5)this is due to the quality of the raw fibers and the construction of the rope , you get what you pay for.
6) I've probally said this a few times now but Dyneema is a much better option for slings , but I think the rang of colours in paracord and that its relitively easy to find is why so many people use it . I personally don't like stretchy slings.

Title: Re: Paracord questions
Post by Sarosh on Feb 2nd, 2019 at 11:21am

Mersa wrote on Jan 31st, 2019 at 5:30pm:
5)this is due to the quality of the raw fibers and the construction of the rope , you get what you pay for.

I'm not sure about it. buying from stores is really expensive when compared to internet .
I once bought a backpack from a uk internet store almost half the price of what I could find it in my country.

ebay sells paracord at 14cents/meter while stores here sell 56cents/meter . something is really wrong here...
but from the rest of your answers I'll just have to buy and test it to know for sure.  :)

Title: Re: Paracord questions
Post by Mersa on Feb 2nd, 2019 at 5:53pm
I can't speak for the paracord you're looking at but I can reference ropes that I use for climbing.
In Australia a particular rope made by Yale cordage company USA (quality rope manufacture) can be purchased over the counter in store or online from America, the price difference is negligible once import tax and postage has been added and so I preferre to support the local business that has the rope in stock and continues to support the West Australian arboriculture scene. But if I look for a similar unbranded rope online I can find it super cheap , however as I use this rope as my primary life support climbing large 50m+ trees I will not attempt to "save" money trusting the specs supplyied , I have seen ropes purchased online and also working as a rope splicers for a few years noticed the difference in fiber qualities and construction flaws.
I think in general saving money by purchasing things online is good only if you know exactly what your buying , my friend once got a guitar for almost half the price they were trying to sell them in Australia but for me if everyone did this there would be no stores . I live in a tiny town and our local music store is now shutting down because he can't compete with Internet stores .
I would need to drive over 150km to purchase guitar strings now. So I think it works both ways but for me personally I like to know what I'm buying and who is supporting the local scene.

I'm also about to purchase a bow that will be 100-200$ more expensive than I could get online , but the online store is unlikely to help me setup my bow or answer any questions or sell me arrows that day if I happen to need new ones .

Title: Re: Paracord questions
Post by Rat Man on Feb 14th, 2019 at 12:57am
6.  People make Paracord slings because they look great and last forever.  I also like Polypropylene for the same reasons.  It comes sheathed like Paracord.  IMO it's just as good for sling making. Forum » Powered by YaBB 2.5.2!
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