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Message started by friebejr on Apr 3rd, 2004 at 4:04am

Title: Re: Introduction...
Post by friebejr on Apr 3rd, 2004 at 4:04am
well, I really should be posting this message not here, but in the other section, about weapons in general, but I ask everybody to forgive me... this message is only to ask Ulrica and the other swedish members if they can send me some messages concerning Axe throwing in Sweden...I have been in contact with Gransfors Bruks (or Brooks) once, and I've got some material from them... they make a axe throwing model that seems to be nice...
and guys, great images those one of slings use during medieval times... both owere impactant and Johnny, I agree with you: I think that it was a bell...
PS: congratulations for you all, as all the ´hotos i have seen here are high quality ones... when I learn how to photograph well I will send you some photos of two slings I've done... and this weekend, I will try some staff slinging... then on sunday I will tell you how it was...

Title: Re: Introduction...
Post by Ulrica on Apr 3rd, 2004 at 10:05am
@ Friebejr

I´ve send you a privat instant messages.
Klick on the dark-brown text after your name up in the right corner after logging in, and you´ll found it.


Title: Re: Introduction...
Post by justin Ball on Apr 4th, 2004 at 4:31am

Just read your intro. Weird to be reading about my old stomping grounds! I am supposing you went to U.Vic, and are probably now based in Steveston, or down below what used to be the PNE/Playland? I went to Malaspina in Nanaimo, when it was offering degrees through U.Vic. I supose you mean Wreck Beach when you talk of the loacl nudist beach. Bit of a hike to go chucking stones!

Hitting tug boats? I used to operate Mr. Bunny Ice Cream- using a fleet of motorcycle and side cars, and I used to also sell, when not fixing bikes destroyed by my employees. One day, down at Steveston, I came across a bunch of kids using one of those super sling shots, leather pouch and heavy surgical tube about 4 feet unstretched. Working as a group of three, two outriggers and one to draw back the pouch maybe 10 feet, these little punks were launching billiard balls maybe 250 M into the channel at the fishing boats coming and going to Trites Marina.

Greetings from Wales,


Title: Re: Introduction...
Post by Matthias on Apr 4th, 2004 at 1:36pm
Hey Justin,

Close! I actually came over to the mainland to go to school at UBC, and still live just up the hill from wreck...  I'm getting pretty soft - the uphill took me down a peg.

Yikes on the billiard ball story. Some of the guys I work with now have their own solutions to problems like like that - I hope the kids had the sense to run after the first two shots. I'm guessing it would take about 2 mins to scramble every 300lb deckhand in the area... Maybe I should show them the slings, a bucket of rocks would probably pas for pretty good entertainment next time a sea-lion is shadowing the boat (hmm... maybe I won't)

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