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Message started by David_T on Feb 15th, 2004 at 12:02am

Title: Long shots--Short shots
Post by David_T on Feb 15th, 2004 at 12:02am
Today I discovered something that works well for me.

I use the style similar to Jeff's Palistinian picture or the Greek style. I have a 3/4 overhand release.

For closer shots I point the stone right at the target and the right hand is just above my right ear. (The line following the stretched out sling points right at the target) When I am ready to throw, I move my hand with pouch horizontally to the right, then swing it back to the left in the same line, when my hand is pointing at the target, I stop it, turn the wrist to the left to releasse the pouch (my throwing hand stays still at the side of my head during all this) as the stone comes around behind me I step forward in a pitching style to release.

For long shots I found that doing the above made my shots low. So now for longer shots (50+ yards) I hold the stone and throwing arm in a similar position that an Archer would if he were lofting a long range shot. I am holding the stone pointing to the sky above the target. I still swing the arm to the right and then back to the left for momentum since I do not do any rotations. It obviously makes the rotation of the pouch at a better angle for release. It is easier to reach targets at a greater distance. The longer the shot the higher I hold the pouch.
My throwing hand is also more behind my head and about 12" away from the back of my head instead of touching the top or side of my head as in shot shots

It may not be helpful to anyone and part of the reason I write it down is so I can go back later and see how my style evolves. Anyway, changing the position of the pouch-- higher-- really worked for me.

Any feed back?

Title: Re: Long shots--Short shots
Post by mgreenfield on Feb 15th, 2004 at 10:49am
I think I kinda see in my mind what's happening.  Looks like exactly 360deg total rotation.  But, what's the orientation of the plane of rotation?  And is your pitching-style delivery overhand, or "sidearm slider" style like old Rollie Fingers?    I certainly agree that the "Palestinian" style set-up gives some control tuff to get any other way.  mgreenfield

Title: Re: Long shots--Short shots
Post by JeffH on Feb 15th, 2004 at 3:18pm

It reads as if you are doing an overhand throw.  I pictured this style as being underhand.

Could you explain some more?

jeff <><

Title: Re: Long shots--Short shots
Post by David_T on Feb 16th, 2004 at 1:48am

Yes!! the conrtol part which I didn't really mention is the best part to me. I figure the less motions-- the more control. Plus, for hunting it is quick and less distracting.

I'm not sure if this will help clarify anything but here goes. Baseball was my passion so I'm not an expert on football but---I've always been told that throwing a football, you c o c k your arm and hold the ball just behind the head (in baseball the arm is fully extended behind you and almost straight). So, the football throw starts just behind the head and comes almost straight forward.
This is similar to the way I sling but my hand and arm swings out to the side a bit rather than straight forward.
Yes, the rotation is 360 degrees.
As to the angle of the rotaion--I have my hand holding the pouch pointed at the target and swing it horizontal with the ground and let go of the pouch almost like a backhand frizzbe throw moving from right to left except my elbow is straight. From there the sling goes back around behind me and follows my throwing hand which moves from the side of my head to  a 3/4 sidearm motion ( half way between  full overhand and side-armed.0

On the long range shots the angle would be more like drawing a line from the "2" on a clock to the "8" (A line from the 12 to the 6 being a straight verticle spin.)

I really see the value of making some digital videos. We could all benefit and it would sure make things easier ;D
Maybe soon I can do that.

Jeff, that should show the motion. It is definately 3/4 overhand and not underhand althought you could easily  make it underhand by simply dropping the throwing hand rather than swinging it to the 3/4 motion.

Title: Re: Long shots--Short shots
Post by mgreenfield on Feb 16th, 2004 at 8:53am
OK, ...sounds very similar to what I'm doing, even including the little starting "pump motion", but w these differences:

1/ Plane of rotation - Mine is absolutely vertical.   Yours seems to be tilted to between vertical & horizontal.   My delivery is clearly underhand.

2/ Amount of rotation - My sling spins almost 2 full turns.  Yours is 1 turn.    More on this.

Right now, my first turn really just gets the sling into motion.  All acceleration comes in the second turn.   I figger as I practice, I'll start the acceleration earlier and earlier (hopefully while retaining accuracy), and my power will increase a lot.

Also, I put very little "body english" into the throw.  This may also change w practice.  Right now adding "body english" lofts and hooks the shot.  

I'd be much interested in your experience in adding the 2nd turn, etc.     mgreenfield

Title: Re: Long shots--Short shots
Post by adair3 on Feb 16th, 2004 at 11:18am
Any chance of posting a video clip?

Scott Adair

Title: Re: Long shots--Short shots
Post by David_T on Feb 16th, 2004 at 4:02pm
Mike and Scott,

Have you looked at my post on page 5 under the title "More Pics"?  I have a series of pictures I took of my son. His motion is for the underhand release, but the starting position is the same.

The dropping of the pouch hand starts the angle of spin in the vertical direction for an underhand release like you mentioned Mike.

When I throw overhand, I start the stone in the more overhand or 45 degree angle by swinging the pouch hand horizintally to release it. Also, after reading my first post I noticed that it sounded like I"stopped" the motion at release and just let the stone "drop"  Actually, I am kind of throwing it out to my left to give it monentum and keep the cords tightly outstrecthed. From there the throwing hand takes over.

The only time I feel the need to do more than one rotation is if 1. The sling length is to long to get good momentum in just one rotation. Anything over about 36"   2. If the stone is too heavy to get good momentum in just one rotation.  About fist size.

I have tried to see if I could get more power with more rotations, but with the excepts mentioned above, I have more power with just a 360 degree spin.

It really is the  last split seconds and the whip motion that lauches the stone.

And as always, I've only done this since August so I make no claims to be an expext. I would guess though, that because of my great place to sling, I probably sling more stones every week than most. I just love the challenge of getting accurate with sure a difficult weapon to master. But, I must say, moderation is prudent. Last week I went out on Saturday and slung for 2 straight hours! My arm was fine but my back went out of commission for 3 days! I walked around bent over like an ape for those days until I could get in to my massage theratist. :o

Title: Re: Long shots--Short shots
Post by mgreenfield on Feb 16th, 2004 at 6:37pm doubt about it.    We gotta get some slo-mo video going here.    I will chat w my son soon.   mgreenfield Forum » Powered by YaBB 2.5.2!
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