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Message started by mgreenfield on Dec 26th, 2003 at 5:20pm

Title: Correct Ammo Weight?
Post by mgreenfield on Dec 26th, 2003 at 5:20pm
I bought a 5gal bucket of landscaping "river stones" to use as ammo.  $2 for the whole thing.  BUT lots of size variety from flat pieces the size of a quarter, to near-fist-sized/shaped boulders.

I quickly figured out about what sizes looked and felt "right", and today I took it a step further.  Using a small postal scale I selected/sorted some rocks into 1/4oz weight classes, starting at just 3/4oz, and ranging up to 2-1/2 oz.   I then started slinging.

Very soon, I found out that my "right" size is right at 2oz, ...maybe just a little on the heavy side of that, but still less than 2-1/4oz.    I suppose 60grams would be just right.

That seems pretty light to me, but then, I'm small (155lbs) and old (60+).   The sling I use is 38" from the center of the pocket to the retained string toggle (no loop).   The pocket measures 1-5/8"wide x 7-1/2"long.  Scrap leather & leather shoelace construction.   Vertical underhand spin and delivery.

What stone weights are the rest of you slinging, and with what sized slings??   Can I expect my "right" thrown weight to increase with practice??   I want to start molding standard ammo to see if I can develop any consistency.

Thanks!      mgreenfield

Title: Re: Correct Ammo Weight?
Post by JeffH on Dec 26th, 2003 at 8:44pm
Well, that is a tough one isn't it?

I like to sling stones from 2 to 5 oz.  This is just a guess, but having slung many, I am fairly sure here.  The thing you will notice is that stones in the 3 to 5 oz range seem a bit heavy at first, but are really better for general throwing.

I like the heavier stones, 4 or 5 oz.  The weight makes them more "feelable" during the windup.  This makes for more consistent releases and the weight forces the pouch open better.  These heavier stones, of course, have more punch at the target, but also seem to throw longer more easily.

I don't have any distances measured, but  have thrown stones of varying weights out to 400 ft or so.  The heavier stones make this much easier.

Oh, yeah, I forgot to mention the limb severing qualities of the heavier stones.  They are much better when throwing into a stand of trees.  A well slung 5 oz stone will clip sizeable limbs right from the tree.

jeff <>< who thinks this thread is going to be interesting

Title: Re: Correct Ammo Weight?
Post by Whipartist on Dec 27th, 2003 at 2:09am
I find that 4.5oz stones are best for me too.  I started out liking lighter stones, but found out later they are less accurate and you can't really "feel" them as you sling.  I use a large knot as a release node.  The design of the sling will certainly bear into the equation I think.


Title: Re: Correct Ammo Weight?
Post by Chris on Jan 6th, 2004 at 4:59pm
I find golf ball sized rocks are good for me.  They fit snugly in my pouches and are a good weight that I can feel and aren't so affected by wind and air resistance.  

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